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Right now, VidMix is one of the newest applications that not only helps us to watch videos, movies and listen to music but also to download them to the highest possible standard on our device. If you downloaded the app on your tablet, but now you want to know if there’s also a way to download VidMix on your PC, then you’re on the right page. I will take you through the process of downloading the software on your machine!

VidMix does it better than the rest, although there are quite a lot of such applications because it not only allows you to stream movies and videos but if you feel like watching them offline, you can even download them on your laptop. And the pace of new releases is phenomenal, so you can almost immediately find a newly released title on the application.

It’s something that most of us do if we have some spare time to watch films, listen to music, and go through trending videos. Although there are several movie streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu, as well as several music streaming services such as Spotify Music and Apple Music, there is still a huge demand for apps such as VidMix that allow you to watch movies free of charge and listen to music.

About VidMix for PC

In the online entertainment industry, VidMix is the android application that creates quite a buzz. One of the best viewing opportunities available to anyone is watching movies or TV shows, and apps like VidMix make it easy. Of course, everything is free! Alternatively, watch some movie or video that rewards you with coins. You can cash out your coins for real cash with PayTm.

 VidMix APK Free

  • Name VidMix
  • App Version 5
  • Category Video Players
  • App Size 5MB
  • Supported Android Version 1 and up
  • Last Update Aug 2020
  • License Type Free
  • Download APK File VidMix APK

How to Install VidMix for PC?

VidMix is official software that is not available for Windows and Mac PCs. However, you can easily download and use VidMix for Windows and Mac PCs using an Android emulator. Here’s how to download and install VIdMix using an Android emulator on a Windows PC and a Mac computer. I’m going to recommend using the Bluestack simulator on your computers and the Nox emulator.

Method 1: Install VidMix on PC using BlueStacks

  • To be able to run VidMix on a PC, download and instal BlueStacks Android Emulator on your PC(Windows/Mac) on any drive.
  • As an Administrator, run BlueStacks and log in to your Google Account.
  • You can now download the vidmix app from the official website and use the download button given below. After that, go to the file manager and locate the VidMix APK file and update your system with VidMix.
  • You can quickly begin uploading videos and music to your computer after the app is activated on your device.

Method 2: Install VidMix on PC using MEmu Emulator

  • Tap on this link to download the MEmu Android Emulator.
  • Download the Simulator and Run your Google Account as Administrator and Sign in.
  • Download and instal the APK file from the official VidMix site on your PC by locating it in the Download Manager.
  • You can begin streaming or uploading the videos you want after the VidMix app is installed on your PC.


  • When you begin to use the VidMix app, the very first thing that you can note is its user interface. I have to confess that I didn’t expect it to be so clean and that you won’t have any trouble finding any movie you want to watch, so it’s so easy to navigate.
  • The app’s homepage is the “Featured” portion where all the famous titles on the app are available. Along with all the trending films, you can find the new titles added to the app, and then there are also films properly classified under the Bollywood section, the Hollywood section, as well as the South Indian section. And then there’s even a whole chapter featuring all the films of individual actors and actresses.
  • There is a separate “Movies” and “TV Shows” page, then. So if you just want to watch movies, you can swipe right to go to the “Movies” page where you can find all the new movies as well as popular ones. And then there is the segment “TV Shows” that gives you access to all the episodes of new and popular TV shows you might be interested in watching.
  • And these features are just the tip of the iceberg since you will be able to discover many other items that will make you fall in love with the app once you start using the VidMix app on your computer.

VidMix is an application that has been developed to easily view and share your favorite films and videos. It is also possible to use the software on your computer and navigate very easily. Via VidMix, you can access HD movies and videos. The above characteristics have shown why VidMix is the strongest video technology on the market today.

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