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The PayTM app is back in the Play Store after remaining unavailable.   Even though the PayTM fantasy gaming app is still absent from the app repository. It is also claimed that Google was reached by the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports (FIFS) to provide a level playing field for all fantasy sports applications, as no other such applications were permitted on the Play Store apart from the PayTM First Games. Even though the association wants to allow fantasy sports apps and their promotion.

 Paytm’s fantasy sports service called Paytm First Games was also removed from the Play Store, which was a standalone app on the Google Play Store. The Paytm app is still accessible on the Apple App Store, however. Its gambling policies do not allow online casinos and unregulated gambling applications that enable betting on its Play Store, according to Google.  Now calling as Paytm First Game. We all know that Paytm is a well-established brand and it has already gained the trust of the mass Indian audience.

How to play the first games of Paytm Fantasy Cricket?

  • Open First Games Paytm, click on cricket, and then click on any upcoming game.
  • After that, click on the Create Team tab and select your 11-player virtual team from a 100-salary credit budget.
  • In gamepind, you can choose 1-4 WK, 3-6 Bat, 3-6 Bow, 1-4 All Rounders which makes the game more fun to play.
  • After selecting your team pick captain and vice-captain of your choice.

As Game Pind later they changed their name to Paytm First Games , Game Pind Website is also available and lives for users where you can play online games or fantasy. Paytm launched their online fantasy app. If you register with the same registered number in the paytm wallet at paytm first game, your wallet money will be directly accessible for cash addition, you can also withdraw the amount of your win in the same paytm wallet.

Gamepind is not available to remove your winnings. Withdraw your winnings directly into your paytm account through Gamepind itself. Suppose if you join you can pay directly via paytm wallet, After that, you play the game and won. Let me clear your doubt. Your winnings will then go into your paytm wallet instantly. Manually you can withdraw your winnings every time after winnings.

Enter any upcoming fantasy cricket match and form an 11-player virtual team. After that, by paying some entry fees, you only need to play in the paid leagues. You can pay entry fees either through the Paytm wallet or through the fantasy cash of Paytm. Paytm fantasy cash is basically gamepad’s wallet which allows you to enter matches in Gamepind. You can earn more fantasy cash from Paytm by referring your friends and family to your referral page to download Gamepind pro APK.

Through taking part in fantasy sports leagues, fantasy sports games allow users to make the best use of their sports knowledge and earn real cash. It’s a website that has good analytical skills for any sports enthusiast and can decide the best fantasy teams for the upcoming matches.

  • You appreciate and can use sports better than many users. To download the app and play fantasy cricket games to earn real money.
  • With the assistance of your sports knowledge, you can earn real cash. Real11 is a free fantasy cricket app where a nominal entry fee has to be paid, and you can win a huge amount.
  • You will become part of the largest sports network where you can express and impact the crowd with your thoughts about fantasy sports.
  • Playing a fantasy sports game will improve your participation in the match that is going on / to come.
  • Typically, if you think you know something about a sport, you have ideas about the team combination and pitch reports, then fantasy cricket is the best place to showcase your skills and ideas.

The payments app of Paytm was restored the same day after tweaking some criteria to suit the policy of the Play Store, but only now has Paytm fantasy Games been listed back. In the start-up ecosystem, the delisting of Paytm apps created an outcry and led Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma to accuse Google of being “biassed” and “monopolistic.” The growth also comes at a time when, with effect from April 2022, India’s app ecosystem is protesting Google’s plans to impose a 30% commission on apps selling digital products.

Join any upcoming fantasy cricket match and form an 11-player virtual team. After that, you only need to play in the paid leagues by paying some entry fees. You can pay entry fees using either the Paytm fantasy wallet or the first cash from Paytm. First cash from Paytm is basically the wallet of the gamepad that allows you to join matches in Gamepind. By referring your friends and family to download Gamepind pro APK through your referral link, you can earn more first cash from Paytm.

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