Is it safe to use GB WhatsApp?

Everyone is using Whatsapp for messaging and we know it’s most popular messaging app in world.

As it’s own by Facebook so there is no point of discussion on security. They has been adding many latest feature like GIF, Calling, status and other to retain users.

While whatsapp have many feature still many user looking for more features and the customization, which whatsapp not provided.

So if you are the one who want such customization then there is best solution for you – GBWhatsapp

GBwhatsapp is mod for whatsapp developed by senior XDA member and below are few features..

  • Hide Blue Tick
  • Hide Typing Status
  • Freeze last Seen
  • Personal Lock
  • Custom Skin For Contact/Chats/Calls
  • Hide Mic./Recording
  • Send Video upto 30 MB
  • Custom Ticks Style Like- iOS Etc,Always Online
  • Hide Sharing Menu
  • Custom Notification Icon
  • Custom Launcher Icons
  • Clear Logs Program Set and Many More.
  • Set Your Name On Header Background

Is it safe to use GB WhatsApp

For every app there is positive as well as negative point and here few point which tell you  why you should or should not use GBwhatsapp.

Reasons why you should not use GB Whatsapp

  • Not available in play store – As its not comply with policies and rules so it is not allowed on play store.
  • Its clone – Whatsapp is not open source platform so no one copy their code.. but some one steal information and added few lines to provide extra feature and customization.

As it’s not owned by big organization so I should say its definitely a risk of data privacy.

Reason why you can use GB whatsapp

If you are not looking for security and data privacy then you can use and enjoy extra features and functionalities of GB whatsapp.

Even facebook not safe and you are still using it . so it’s not 100% sure that your whatsapp is safe. So you can use and get more customization with whatsapp. Just give a try.


Any Modded app is not safe and in most of cases a hidden cost always there with free thing. So its upto you whether you want always to be safe or enjoy more features.

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