The difference between JAVASCRIPT and JAVA, PHP

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The web development client programming language slang is the front end. The front-end design uses three languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML and CSS are the basis of web design, which everyone knows. JavaScript is used to add dynamic views of websites, but there are many people who don’t know about JS, Java, and PHP.

1, JavaScript and Java

1.1, the similarities between JavaScript and Java

Both JavaScript and Java follow the OOPS (Object Oriented Programming) concept, where JavaScript can be added directly to HTML, and Java can also be used as a Java Applet.

1.2, the difference between JavaScript and Java

Run the platform: Java needs to run on the JDK or JRE JVM (Java Virtual Machine). On the other hand, JavaScript runs on a web browser, so no specific platform is needed. Interestingly, all the latest web browsers support JavaScript.

Scope: Java is available everywhere in terms of usability and is also considered a stand-alone programming language. On the other hand, JavaScript is limited to use with HTML and CSS; it resists its global use.

Compilation: Java is a compiled and interpreted language, while JavaScript is just a plain text code. This means that the code written by JS is interpreted on different platforms.

Constructor: The constructor is used for object creation in Java, and in JS, the constructor is just a standard function.

2, JavaScript and PHP

2.1, the same point of JavaScript and PHP

Both PHP (hypertext preprocessor) and JavaScript can be used for web development tasks, and their unparalleled importance helps encoders build powerful backend capabilities and an attractive user interface. And both PHP and JavaScript are called interpreted languages ​​(or scripts), which means that their code can run on their own environment (both JavaScript and PHP browsers and servers).

2.2, the same point of JavaScript and PHP

Server and client: The two languages ​​are different on the front-end and back-end. The JavaScript scripting language is a front-end language (except Node.js), and PHP is a server-side language.

Concurrency: The concept of multithreading in PHP can be used to process multiple requests simultaneously. On the other hand, in JavaScript, the encoder only provides some strategies, such as event loop + node clustering, which helps to handle the same events.

OOPS: As mentioned earlier, JavaScript uses objects and their relationships when writing scripts. On the other hand, PHP is a procedural object-oriented language.

Compatibility: The JS language can be embedded in HTML, XML and AJAX. On the other hand PHP can only embed HTML, it can’t be used with XML. But there are other options that are the same as XML.

The comparison makes it clear that JavaScript scripting languages ​​are somewhat similar to Java and PHP, but are not a language that can replace them. You can use JS as a supported language, but you can’t make it the basic language for web-based or application-based coding.

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